Services & Rates

Signature Massage

60 minutes: $85.00

This session combines some or all of these techniques; Trigger Point, Neuromuscular, Tui Na, Cupping, Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage. Designed for your body’s unique needs.

Energy Medicine

60 minutes: $85.00

This session is designed to help restore flow, balance and harmony in your being. Incorporates Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Acupuncture points (sans needles), Yoga stretches and Energy Medicine protocols according to what your body needs. This body work experience will be uniquely yours, may be relaxing or invigorating, or both!  You will leave with knowledge and tools to help maintain your health and vibrance .

Massage & Energy Medicine

90 minutes: $120.00

Combining Massage & Energy Medicine, this session in my experience is the best way to treat your entire being; body, mind, spirit.