About Me

Lisa Curtis L.M.T. MA45805

As a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, I am a unique therapist in that I combined my training as a graduate of the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy with a life-altering experience studying for two years in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. Together this training in therapeutic massage and energy work has allowed me the opportunity to create an empowering offer to the healing arts community. As a practitioner, I combine various massage and energy techniques that provide my clients with a tailor-made energy massage that is uniquely theirs. It is my intention to encourage and lead each person who comes through my door into a sense of balance within their being, so that they may choose a healthy whole life from within their own experience.

My background plays an interesting factor in this intuitive work. Before my massage therapy practice I was a musical theater graduate from Boston Conservatory and for more than 25 years worked in film, television, stage, Orlando theme parks and improvisational theater. As a performer I learned the importance of maintaining wholeness and health in body, mind and spirit. Then, after my own personal experience with the joys and pains of bodywork, massage techniques and energy healing, I was compelled to go back to school to pursue this amazing work. Today I gladly pass on the gift of “living in the present” to those with the courage to seek the truth and wholeness of their beautiful life.

In the end, the gift of massage, safe human touch and the power of positive energy is the best gift you can give yourself!